I am Marta Gentile,

a Certified Professional Life Coach 

with a major in psychology at NSU and Painting Therapy at ENBA

What is a Life Coach?

The Life coach is a strategist, someone who will accompany you on the journey in accomplishing a life project.

A Life Coach will work with you in evaluating your current reality. Using specific technique, it will give you the necessary support to get where you want to go.

Who should be 

the commander

of your thoughts?

Many times we have the feeling that our thoughts are indomitable 

horses, and when we lose control over them, we also lose the perception of who we are and what we want.

Let me Coach you to create success in your life

online life coach sessions


Changes in your life start with mental organization.
The Self Mirror Technique
© I will help you find what you really want, setting the priority goals and creating a balanced life.

The Self Mirror Technique
©  will aid you in rewiring your thoughts and filling the gaps between where you are, and where you want to be.
I will be your trusted partner during this process, guiding you on making better decisions, clearing up your personal and professional relationship issues.

Success in your life is based on your ability to manage your mind properly.

The Self Mirror Technique©

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Marriage Coach

Family Coach

Singles Coach

Parenting Coach

Divorce Recovery Coach

Pre-Marital Coach


Entrepreneur Coach

Career Orientation Coach

Career Development Coach

Why online life coaching?

Because our life today has global dimensions but our mobility has deteriorated. Going from one point to another in a city has become a huge and stressful waste of time, and to receive advice on significant aspects of our life should be a relaxing moment. So today, using the media at hand that technology offers, sessions can be done where we are, anywhere in the world.

Our interview can be done by Video Conference through WhatsApp, or by e-mail with total guarantee of privacy.

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