Painting Therapy

Recover the artist you were, and heal yourself

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Painting therapy can help you meet your Self again.

Art, and specifically painting, is the natural expression of the human being. It is the natural canal that connects our inner being with the outside world without barriers, exposing ourselves with total freedom and without fear.

Around the age of three, a child begins to express its emotions with circles and lines, all seems meaningless. At the age of four, begins to interpret the environment around it and the people who are part of its world. Until that moment every expression, even those not understood by adults are celebrated and not criticized. Its environment starts this way, to build its self-esteem and influencing the first traits of its personality. Criticism begins with the socialization and its rules, the sky has to be blue, the trees green, the houses square and anything that it is interpreted differently is wrong.Then, the rules imposed drown its true Self, change the naive and the easy way of interpreting the world for others more complicated and often less realistic.
That child and its naive way of interpreting the world, continues within each of us waiting for release. The Painting Therapy offers this release.


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