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The Self Mirror Technique©


No matter the reason why you are not achieving your goals, whether personal or professional, the basis of this situation is the way you organize your thoughts.
Because the answers to our dilemmas are inside ourselves. During

The Self Mirror Technique© online life coach session I will use your own information to bring you to reality. Almost always, this reality does not match your feelings of failure or blockage.

Have you already set specific Goals? 


All the excitement before the marriage has diluted...
the relationship has become boring...


What beliefs from your childhood are tormenting your new family?

Divorce recovery day I feel excited about my freedom and the next day I mourn...

Feeling alone

I'm looking for the love of my life...


...I don't recognize my child anymore...

Business and Career

Career Orientation

I don't know what direction to take...


This is not what I want to do for the rest of my life...

Career development

I know what I want but I do not know how to put it into practice...

Get the Relationships you deserve


Are your beliefs about marriage real?


I feel blessed to have found Marta in my life. She helped me to value myself as a person.


I had never before, analyzed my thoughts in this way. Thank you


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